Data Wiping Services


Data wiping and destruction should be a priority for any organisation that needs to dispose of its unwanted IT hardware.

Government statistics recently showed that nearly half of all UK businesses have suffered a cybersecurity breach or attack. This figure is higher for businesses that hold personal data for their customers.

New legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to ensure that businesses prioritise safeguarding their clients’ data. This includes data held on disk drives that have come to the end of their life.

Under this legislation, your business could face huge fines – not to mention business downtime, loss of custom and loss of reputation – if you fail to protect the information you hold.

Why choose our data wiping service?

The security of your data and software is paramount. At PC4 Recycling, we want to ensure that it cannot be recovered if the equipment is reused. This is especially important as we are committed to IT recycling and keeping as much hardware out of landfill as possible.

You can rely on us to safely destroy all the data from your old and unwanted equipment.

Let us take the worry out of disposing and recycling your old equipment. We even ensure that your company properly complies with all legislation to protect you from fines.

If you choose PC4 Recycling to wipe your hard drives, one of our background-checked drivers will collect them at the agreed time and transport them in a GPS-tracked van to our secure recycling facility. This guarantees that you and we can physically account for your data until it is securely destroyed.

We hold ISO 27001 Certification from the BSI, having gone through a meticulous independent assessment to show that we have leading data protection systems in place.

Government-approved data wiping software

We will wipe your hard drives using Blancco HMG InfoSec Standard No.5, which is software certified by the National Cyber Security Centre. This process erases your data by overwriting it up to seven times.

This is one of the world’s most common and trusted methods for erasing data. In fact, it’s recommended by a total of 18 national and international governing bodies and meets some of the most rigorous security requirements in the world.

Once we have wiped your hard drives, we will provide you with a confidential asset report in our dedicated Client Portal as well as electronic copies of your data wiping certificates. This shows that you are compliant with the latest legislation.

Secure disk wiping
All the hard drives we receive are wiped securely using Blancco HMG InfoSec Standard No.5, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre. This process erases your data by rewriting over it seven times and has become one of the world’s most common and trusted methods for erasing data.

On-site destruction
To give you extra peace of mind, we can destroy all hard drives on-site in front of you. This is done by punching a hole through the hard drive, using three tonnes of force.

Erasing software data
Using completely certified and approved data-erasing software, we can completely wipe the data from your hard drives. This allows them to be reused, helping to save the environment.

Magnetic and optical media disposal
Using secure locked bins, we transport your backup media to the point of incineration using our security-cleared staff and vehicles. We then incinerate your drives and issue you with a certificate of destruction.